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Abbreviation of board game

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Nov 24, 2016

AD&D】Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

【AZ】Alzo Zero 

【BG】Board Game 


【C&K】Cities and Knights 

【CBGDC】Chinese Board Game Design Contest 

【CC:A】Commands & Colors: Ancients

【CCG】Collectible Card Game 

【CDG】Card Driven Games 

【COC】The Call of Cthulhu 

【COH】Conflict of Heroes 

【CSI】Crime Scene Investigation

【CTF】Capture the Flag 

【CZE】Cryptozoic Entertainment 

【D20】Dice 20 

【D&D】Dungeons & Dragons 

【DBF】Davy Back Fight 

【DBG】Deck Building Game 

【DCI】Duelist's Convocation International 

【DM】Dungeon Master 

【DMF】DarkMoon Faire

【DND】Dungeons & Dragons 

【DOW】Days of Wonder 

【DPS】Damage Per Second 

【FAQ】Frequently Asked Questions 

【FFG】Fantasy Flight Games 

【FOW】Flame of War

【GM】Game Master (TRPG)

【GMT】GMT Games  

【GPT】Grand Prix Trial 

【GURPS】Generic Universal RolePlaying System 

【HR】House Rule 

【IEBG】International Exhibition on Board Game Industry

【IGA】International Gamers Awards

【LCG】Living Card Game 

【M10】Magic 2010 

【M11】Magic 2011 

【M44】Memoir '44 

【MMP】MMP Games  

【MTG】Magic:the Gathering 

【OCG】Official Card Game:Duel Monsters 

【OTK】One Turn Kill 


【PBG】Pool Building Game 

【PC】Player Character

【PNP】Pen and Paper 

【PT】Pro Tour 

【RC】Rare Card 

【SEC】Sanguozhi  Event organizing Committee 

【SDJ】Spiel des Jahres

【SJC】SHONEN JUMP Championships 

【SP】Special Purpose  

【SPECIAL】Strength、Perception、Endurance、Charisma、Intelligence、Agility、Luck ”SPECIAL

【T2】Type 2 

【TCG】Trading Card Game 

【TOI】Tide of Iron 

【TRPG】Table-top Role Playing Game

【TSR】Tactical Studies Rules  

【UCG】Ultra Console Game

【UDE】Upper Deck Entertainment

【VP】Victory Point 

【WCPS】World Championship Series 

【WOG】 Wrath of God

【WOTC】Wizards of the Coast

【WOWTCG】World of Warcraft Trading Card Game 

【YCS】Yu-Gi-Oh!Championship Series 

【YOKA】Yoka Games 

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