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About brand copyright

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Feb 09, 2017

Many potencial customers would like to have some cartoon picture being printed on card sleeve, deck box, card album,comic bag. However, these cartoon figures are all have copy right and have official owner. So if you would like to make items of cartoons, pls make sure you have copy right owner's authorization. Only with the authorization, can we produce cartoon items for you. 

Here are some popular brand in the gaming market and they need the authorization before printing them on the item.


Super Mario


Magic the Gatherings

My Little Pony

The Walking Dead

To name just a few.............................

If you want to make CMYK items, there are only two solutions:

A: Creating your own cartoon picture or some other brand new picture. Making sure it has nothing to do with existed brand's copy right. For example, logo, figure, slogan and any content.

B: Contact the brand owner for authorization license.

Actually besides CMYK items, to avoid the complicated copy right problem, you still can have your own choice: Silk screen printing items. You can have your logo printed on the items. To make it more outstanding, you can also design some simple drawing. 

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