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About IEBG-International Exhibition on Board Game

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Nov 25, 2016

IEBG, the short from International Exhibition on Board Game, is a comprehensive exhibition of board game enterprises from home and overseas. Various new board game products will be unveiled to the public through the IEBG platform. IEBG provides a good opportunity for exhibitors to sell their products and services and even authorize them to other regions and countries. Exhibitors can directly communicate with the consumers to have them know more about the gamers as well as the company profiles. Gamer issuers, authors, producers and professional players come together to share their experiences, the latest updates and new products with the mass players.


IEBG also builds up an excellent platform for game issuers, designers, retailers, board game bar operators, games fans and members of media, who are given a chance to have face-to-face communications and exchanges of experiences and even new ideas and game models. IEBG will become a huge market opportunity.


Jolly sunshine as one of the leading board game accessories supplies, we are dedicated to develop new items based on consumer’s need. Set deck box for example, some customers would like to have a new structure of deck box. To save the cost, we will make the deck box by card board or PP board so that we know where will need the modification. The die cut mould will be built until we find the model is suitable. Talk with me if you would like us to make a new item!