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Raw material for PU deck box and Artificial Leather card album

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

PU deck box material.JPG

Various PU texture and color for choice

We cooperate with many local PU suppliers. Customers can choose various PU material to make their items. 

Detail for PU
artificial leather material.JPG

Nice color

PU card album material.JPG

Delicate texture

PU gaming folder material.JPG

Good quality

Welcome to customize PU card album and PU deck box with us. Sample could be made with competitive price. We equip with  a professional team with seasoned master to realize your design into reality!


Cutting machine

Saving material and cutting in precise size


Stitching machine

Imported from Germany, it will avoid missing stitch or sewing backward.

Should you have any interest, pls leave your message here. We will reply you asap!