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Selling strategy-bundle sales

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Feb 09, 2017

Nowadays, to achieve a better sales, maybe you need to pay attention to bundle sales.

What's the meaning of bundle sales:Item A and item B will not be sold individually. They will be packed

 into the same package. If item A and item B have complementary with each other, this combination 

would be popular in the market to a great extent.

Set our gaming supplies for example:

Deck box and card sleeve: For board gamer, when they put game cards into sleeves for protection, 

deck box can fully storage their all set cards. It is convenient for them to take it to tournament, 

competition, etc.

Here's example:

Combination of matte card sleeve in different color

This make board gamers can have various choice. 

Tips: Set color group base on man and lady's color favor. Like man will like cool colors

(black, blue, green,etc), lady would prefer warm colors(red, pink,orange,etc). Besides, 

you can also consider to set it based on occasion or festival.

Here are red and green color matte card sleeve combination which suitable for Christmas.

Above are just some examples for reference. If there are some good idea for selling strategy, we will show it here on time.