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Thermoformer EasyPak picked up by investment firm Graham Partners

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Nov 23, 2017

Graham Partners (Newtown Square, PA), a private investment firm targeting industrial technology and advanced manufacturing companies, announced its investment in EasyPak LLC, a thermoformed packaging provider. (game supply)

Headquartered in Leominster, MA, EasyPak offers a range of packaging including containers for deli products, fresh produce, bakery goods and herbs. Packaging made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials is available. (trading card sleeve and game card sleeve)

Graham identified thermoformed packaging as an attractive market to invest in based on increasing demand for sustainable packaging options and consumer preferences for freshly prepared, on-the-go meals. Graham plans to focus on partnering with EasyPak’s existing leadership team to build upon the company’s success as a top tier, mid-sized thermoformer. Graham said that it will leverage EasyPak’s trusted reputation and state-of-the-art operations to grow the company, while maintaining innovative new product development initiatives and increasing operational efficiency. (plastic bag and trash bag)

 “EasyPak is a strategic fit for the Graham portfolio due to our historical packaging expertise and related industry focus. The company has strong overlap with Graham’s packaging industry experience and end market overlap with other Graham portfolio companies in the natural foods industry,” said Adam Platkowski, Managing Principal at Graham Partners. “We have identified several opportunities to scale the business, while still maintaining its focus on customer service and technical excellence.” (chair mat and plastic bag)