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Venture Plastics partners with non-profit Wings for Vincent

Jolly Sunshine Limited | Updated: Nov 29, 2017

Venture Plastics Inc., a full-service, custom thermoplastics injection molding company with facilities in Newton Falls, OH, and El Paso, TX, has partnered with the 501(c)3 non-profit Wings for Vincent. The organization was created in loving memory of Vincent Venturino, who passed away at the age of 14. game supplies and trading card sleeve and game card sleeve.

Gary Flattum, Vice President of Venture Plastics, explained the company’s involvement. “In July of 2016, Venture Plastics initiated a partnership with Carolle and Alan Venturio, the founders of Wings for Vincent. Since that time, our company has donated several thousand pounds of non-toxic polypropylene pellets used to make the weighted blankets, vests and lap pads that provide relief to children suffering from sensory processing disorders.” plastic bag and trash bag

The Venturio’s son Vincent was diagnosed in October 2012 with a glioblastoma (brain tumor), which caused him to suffer from both mental and physical issues. Vincent underwent brain surgery followed by chemotherapy, radiation and countless hours of therapy. His family even tried treatments in a promising field involving targeted cancer gene therapy. While Vincent fought a good fight, he ultimately succumbed to cancer in March 2014. deck box and pu leather binder

Throughout Vincent’s fight, the family encountered exceptional individuals, caregivers and family support. “The most compassionate moments came when our lives were touched by the smaller, local charities that wanted us to know we were not alone,” said the Venturios. “It is in this spirit that we established Wings for Vincent. game card protector

Weighted blankets, vests and lap pads reduce anxiety in people experiencing autism, Asperger syndrome, ADD/ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, restless leg syndrome and other conditions. The weighted blanket offers deep pressure without uncomfortable restriction, which in turn makes the body produce serotonin and endorphins. When these chemicals are released, the body feels calm and relaxed. The weighted products act as a “hug” for children experiencing episodes of anxiety. comic book